This Marketing Secret Could 10x Your Leads



When you think about marketing, you might be thinking about traditional ways to grab attention from your audience; pay-per-click ads, billboards, and maybe even events. But did you ever think that brand activations could be the marketing secret the could multiply your profits? Think again because this marketing secret is one you should be using in your business. Keep reading to learn all about what a brand activation is, and how you can create the best activation to leverage your audience.

Although brand activations aren’t exactly a marketing secret, they are invaluable ways to grow brand loyalty and a lasting impression among your audience. The reason that this marketing secret is important is that creating a memorable experience can prompt consumers to tell their friends about your brand, increasing its reach.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, isn’t this expensive? While brand activations such as Adidas D Rose Jump Store (a massive campaign with a massive budget) might come to mind, these types of campaigns aren’t the only type. It is quite common for brands (even big ones like addidas) to do smaller activations too. If you don’t know where to start, look at events that are about to happen in your area and think of brand activations that could work well at those events.  

Now that you know this marketing secret, here's how to use it

In order to create a great brand activation, you need a great marketing strategy. This strategy is no marketing secret, in fact, its needed for almost every campaign.

  1. Determine what your brand stands for
  2. Define your audience
  3. Make a SWOT analysis
  4. Explore tactics to reach your audience
  5. Think about management

A quick approch with not a lot of planning isn’t going to attract the audience you want to attract. If you want to make a buzz around your brand, a brand activation strategy is a great solution. Now that we’ve given you a list to creating a great strategy, let’s walk through the necessary steps together.

Determine what your brand stands for

This should be your first step when creating a brand. The reason that this is so important is because it’s what will create the structure for all of your future marketing campaigns. If you know what your brand stands for, then you know it’s values, mission, beliefs and it should be easy to understand the demographic and psychographic of your audience.  It’s not just how you position your brand, also what people think about it. Therefore, you need to ensure that your brand message is clear.

Define your audience

Just guessing isn’t going to be part of the plan to creating a successful brand activation. You need to analyze your audience and segment them. Start by understanding the demographics, interests, and traits of your ideal buyers. If you want to find clients who will appreciate your products or services the most, you need to think about how they think. For this purpose, consider creating buyer personas.

Make a SWOT analysis

A swot analysis defines your brands’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Event though your brand activation campaign might be a smaller budget and simple in terms of complexity, you should do a swot so you are prepared for future growth.

Explore tactics to reach your audience

Understand that there are many ways to appeal to your ideal customer, including product demonstration installation, mobile vans, games, and many other activities. Once you understand the needs and wants of your market, you can easily understand a suitable method to communicate your message to your target audience clearly.

Think about management

Lastly, this step brings everything together, and one of the best ways to ensure smooth delivery is through a great team. Assign the responsibilities to the right people to engage everyone on your team. Looking for a great team? Hire us!

people raffling work of marketing secret: brand activation

Now that you understand the planning behind what makes a great brand activation, lets go over 5 brand activation ideas that are sure to make an impact!

5 Brand Activation Ideas

1. Surprise your audience

lyft car app used marketing secret to change car wash into brand activation

Brand activation by Lyft

The best way to build awareness and get attention is to do something unique that nobody expects, but makes sense for your brand values. For example, Sony Playstation took an activity that people love — popping bubble wrap, and connected it with their brand. Since both their brand and the activity are fun for all ages, this activation was a successful alignment with the brand values. 

2. Make your event interactive

people pop bubble wrap in sony's marketing secret brand activation

Brand activation by Sony Playstation

When an activation is interactive, it becomes more memorable which in turn boosts brand awareness. While people are interacting with your brand remember to document it to post on social media and share with news outlets. Don’t just take it from us though. According to statistics, 88% of brands use social media platforms to increase awareness.

3. Show the new features of your products

If you have a new product or an existing one with new features, a demonstration that highlights the benifits can be a great way to gather attention. Apple’s “One Night on iPhone 7” showed photos and videos taken by people in 25 countries using their iPhones. The ad displayed the technical capabilities of Apple’s new phone while actual users interacted with their product.

4. Consider partnerships with other brands

It’s also a great idea to find a brand that has a similar audience but is in a different industry. If you collaborate, it can be less work and more impactful. For example, music festivals, theatres and cinemas can be great to collaborate with since they bring the audience and you bring the installation. 

5. Promote your brand’s values

A successful campaign will promote your brand and change regular customers into loyal fans. Consider presenting your values with the help of compelling visuals to reach more people and create a powerful impact!

Now that you know this marketing secret, its time to put it to work

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