Vancouver Art Community  was started from the desire to create opportunities for connection and collaboration amongst creative individuals in Vancouver, and has grown into a platform for artists to share, meet, and learn more about their craft, developing their skills to become professionals.


They needed a visual identity that was professional, creative and fun, and would speak to the youthful energy of the artists in Vancouver.


We created a visual identity that contained bright primary and tertiary colours, simple typography, and a logo mark that spoke the creativity of artists.In all artistic practices, a pencil is the tool used by every artist or designer in the initial stages of their work. We chose to create a logo using this symbol to show how people can come together to collaborate in the beginning stages of their work and connect with each other, even if they are working in different mediums. The pencil symbol also forms the letter “C” which stands for community, connection, collaboration, and creativity.



As well as the branding, we also facilitated numerous live events for various clients. Vancouver Art Community teamed up with local festivals, bars and restaurants to create live art events and installations with a focus on collaboration and connection between artists of different skills and abilities.